8 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner

8 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner
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For most of us, eyeliner is an every day thing. Whether you’ve got the cat eye down pat or you’re more of a “line and smudge” type of girl, your look isn’t complete without eyeliner. While we will quite possibly never get sick of the winged eyeliner look (because really, getting that perfectly flicked up corner doesn’t just happen overnight), every now and then, we like to change up our eye makeup look.

If you thought that the black smudged look was as far as your liner would take you, think again! After diving into some of the best looks from the runway, we’ve pulled together eight new, different ways to wear eyeliner to give yourself a new look. Whether you go for a blue hue or black dots, take a look at the best ways to change up your eye makeup style.

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