Expert Witness: Dr. Verallo-Rowell


Yesterday I went to the dermatologist who suggested I try a glycolic peel. It was way too strong and now my face is swollen and covered with red burn marks. I have an event this week and I`m freaking out. What should I put on my skin to prevent it from peeling, and how can I cover up the red spots?

Chemical peels are generally risky and should be performed very carefully, as they may produce adverse reactions on certain types of skin. Dr. Verallo-Rowell, dermatologist and creator of VMV Hypoallergenics, shares her three-step method for dealing with a bad reaction to a peel:

1. Start by spreading a layer of VMV Grandma Minnie`s Oil`s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil all over your face; it contains organic virgin coconut oil which will moisturize and soothe your skin, leaving it hydrated and significantly reducing the pain.

2. On the most sensitive areas and burn marks, apply VMV Grandma Minnie`s The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. This ointment was created to clean wounds and treat infections caused by skin damages, making it a perfect protective barrier for your skin.

3. Before leaving the house, make sure to apply sun screen with a high SPF rating, such as VMV Armada SPORT 70. Also, try to keep out of sun, light and heat as much as possible.

To reduce the pain and swelling, Dr Verallo-Rowell suggests applying cold-water compresses with just water, at most coconut oil or baking soda. Also, try not to put on make-up right away and test out a small area first to make sure you don`t have bad reaction. When you feel like your skin is ready, apply a moisturizing foundation like VMV Skin Savvy 60 or Illuminants Brilliant Finish 25 Powder Foundation. Lastly, remember to always inform your doctors about this experience in the future so that they can adjust your dose of glycolic acid: most doctors begin with the standard dose and need to know if you are more sensitive than the average bear.

NOTE: one of our editors here at StyleCaster recently experienced a similar beauty disaster and swears by The Concentrate from La Mer as her ultimate remedy. Before going to sleep she covered her entire face with The Concentrate, a product developed to specifically treat burned and traumatized skin. She says that it took her face under three days to almost completely heal. (Warning: as is the case with most La Mer products, this may become addictive, so make sure to stop before you do some serious damage to your bank account!)

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