Exclusive Video: Get The Look From Topshop Unique Fall 2011

Rachel Adler

Topshop Unique’s Fall 2011 show in London this season sent us to the dogs. The adorable model puppy dogs that were styled to walk the runway as Dalmations, that is. If you strip away the doggy nose and pigtails styled to look like ears, the makeup look was actually very wearable for both the upcoming Fall season, and even this Spring.

Hannah Murray, the key artist for the show walks us through the look in the above video. She also broke it down for us below:

How did you complete this look?
After bleaching the eyebrows, we prepped the skin and used concealer (Duo concealer + Brighten) where needed. I wanted to keep the skin raw so this was done sparingly. Then, using the new black smudgeproof kohl I heavily applied it to the waterline, into the top and bottom lashes and smudged slightly with my finger. This doesn’t need to be perfect. I then asked the girl to screw up her eyes to create a lived-in feel. Mascara was applied to top lashes and then a set of false lashes were applied. A light slick of Balm in Dew on lips finished the look.

What are the tips or tricks you used to complete this look?
The new kohl was essential for this look. Anything too greasy and it would’ve moved too far and lost it’s sense of polish. I wanted it to look lived-in but still very beautiful and bold. There wasn’t really a need for brushes, just fingers and the natural oils of the skin.

Since this look was created for the catwalk, can you suggest a way to make it more suitable for daytime?
Although I named this look “Dalmation Chic” based on the theme of the catwalk collection, this is totally wearable in everyday life! For instant London cool, black kohl is all you need! The only thing I’d bypass is the bleached brow. Not the easiest look to pull off but for the catwalk, it just took it to another level.

Follow her easy steps and try out a look straight from the runway!

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