Fake It Until You Make It: Even Skin Tone

Rachel Adler
Model with clear skin


Getting clear skin from breakouts is a hard enough battle, but oftentimes many of us struggle with splotchy and uneven skin tone as well. Whether it’s from discoloration due to dark spots or redness due to a variety of things (ugh!), we all strive for a crystal clear complexion.

While there are many products that you can use to get yourself as clear and even as you desire, there are also things that you can do to “fake” that even skin tone in the meantime. Below, we list out some tips and tricks to not only get you to your dream skin, but also help you fake it in the process.

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Add a Brightening Product:
Start off your beauty routine with a skin brightening product, such as a primer with luminizing properties. We like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Luminizing Primer, which helps to blur out any imperfections from the get-go.

Color Correct Where You Need It:
There will of course be areas that you’ll still need to color correct with concealer, so use your favorite concealer to cover the red areas near the corner of your nose or the darkness underneath your eyes. For redder skin, try a green concealer like e.l.f’s Lifting Concealer and for the under eye area try a warmer hue (to counteract the blue tones in your dark circles) like Bobbi Brown’s Corrector.

Make Everything Flawless With Foundation:
Once the above steps are done, you’ll want to finish your face with the perfect amount of foundation. We recommend using a sponge (or a beautyblender) for this step, as you’ll be able to buff the foundation out easily, and it won’t cake on too much. Apply to the center of your face first and spread outwards and blend, blend, blend!

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