Orange You Glad I’m Blogging About This Color!


I’m all about the spring nail colors. I’ve purchased every Essie 2010 color and I wear them loud and proud!
Lilacism? Check! Tart Deco! Obvs!

My most recent purchase was over the weekend. I went into the mecca of all Bed Bath & Beyond in Westport, CT and displayed right in front were all of the pastel Essie colors just waiting for me to snatch them up.
I immediately ran Van d’go, a sherberty orange color.

“I have wanted you for so long!” I proclaimed to the bottle. My entourage looked at me as if I’d just inhaled paint fumes.

Giddy, I purchased my new nail polish and immediately headed to my manicurist yesterday so I could get it professionally done.

Exhibit A:

Freshly polished spring piggies! Even against my pale skin I love how this color looks!

Orange crush toes.jpg
Exhibit B:

Getting some work done with my #2 pencil and my shiny spring manicure!

Orange Crush.jpg

*sigh* I love this color. It reminds me of warm weather and Creamsicles!

creamsicle1 Orange You Glad Im Blogging About This Color!

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