Erickson Beamon Designs Hair Accessories For a Cause

Augusta Falletta

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If you’ve never seen a piece of Erickson Beamon jewelry, you’ve been missing out in life. The design duo of Karen and Eric Erickson has been creating some of the most praised, dazzling jewelry in the world for over 30 years, collaborating with designers like Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen. But, as high fashion as the brand may become, the handcrafted, unique aesthetic always rings true in the designs.

We’d wear a piece of Erickson Beamon every day if we could, and now, with their most recent collaboration, we’re one step closer to that dream. The designers have collaborated with GEMS, Girls Educating and Mentoring Serivces, and to sell exclusive pieces of hair accessories created by the team, all of the proceeds of which will go to GEMS.

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GEMS was founded in 1998 by Rachel Lloyd, a woman who was commercially sexually exploited as a teenager, and the organization works to serve young women who have experienced domestic trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Providing girls with support and opportunities for positive change in their lives, GEMS has already helped hundreds of young girls who’ve gone through these experiences, and will continue to help more girls with the help of the and Erickson Beamon collaboration. Beautiful hair accessories for a beautiful cause? That’s something we can get behind.

The Erickson Beamon pieces sold exclusively at are beautiful hair pins and barrettes ranging from $60-$130. For more information or to purchase an Erickson Beamon hair accessory, head over to!

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