eos Launches A Hand Lotion That May Rival Their Lip Spheres

Rachel Adler

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The beauty brand eos is often recognized for their sphere shaped lip balms that you can pick up at the counter of your favorite drugstore or if you’re really in the know, you have a bottle of their ultra moisturizing shaving cream sitting in your shower.

The company known for all things cute and bright (as well as extremely practical, fragrant and moisturizing) now offers a pebble shaped hand lotion for you to slip in your purse, set up on your desk or even slide in your back pocket.

The lotion is super soothing and non-greasy, and is hypoallergenic (for all of you sensitive types). It’s available in two scents: Nourish, a fresh, floral scent and Refresh, a cucumber scent. eos also offers body lotion bottles of both scents as well as Boost, a lotion for sensitive skin.

Starting April 4, you can visit the eos products Facebook fan page and simply “Like” the page for a chance to win the hand lotion. The brand will be giving away 5,000 hand lotions per week for four weeks (until May 2), which with my amazing math that means 20,000 lotions people! Good luck!!

You can also purchase eos for $3.99 at your local Walmart, Walgreens, or Duane Reade.

Photo Courtesy of eos

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