Girl Crush: Emmy Rossum’s Grecian Braids & Bold Brows

Rachel Adler

Emmy Rossum has been one of my many girl crushes as of late, ever since I’ve developed a rampant obsession with the TV show Shameless, and realized that she can pull off playing a stressed out, mostly dirty Fiona Gallagher but somehow always still look sexy. I quickly realized that Emmy not only has picture-perfect skin, but her hair is thick, glossy and everything every girl could want — which pretty much explains why she landed herself as spokesperson of Suave Professionals.

Her hair takes her to new lengths (sorry, I had to) this month, landing Emmy on the cover of Instyle Hair. The 25-year-old Shameless star shows off a series of looks in the magazine, including gorgeous, bouncy curls on the cover and a Grecian braid (pictured above). She also spills about the fact that she clips beauty and fashion inspiration from magazines herself. Maybe it’s the Blake Lively in her, but Emmy doesn’t require a stylist, she pulls out the looks she likes from the runway, figures out who the publicists are and emails them. Talk about a girl who likes to get the job done!

Emmy does admit that she knows when she makes a mistake though, referencing a time that she wore studded eye makeup with Swarovski crystals. “Anytime you Google ‘bad celebrity makeup,’ that comes up, I looked as if a tranny clown pooped on my eyes! But I think it’s good to take chances.”

Well, we clearly like that kind of attitude, and hope to see more of it on both the red carpet and upcoming shoots….


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