Emma Watson Makes Us Actually Want to Try Purple Lipstick

Shannon Farrell
Emma Watson

Photo: Getty Images

Purple lipstick has always been reserved for the edgy and those with dark or olive skin tone. So, as a fair girly-girl, I’ve always admired the pretty violets in the tube, but never once have I actually applied the color. But after seeing Emma Watson work the color flawlessly at the New York premiere of new film Gravity, I’m ready to forget the excuses and give the hue a try. Here are some tricks I learned from Emma:

Don’t Go Too Dark
The closer to pink you can find, the more wearable the color will be. Emma either used a purple with a hint of rose or she blended a bold purple and a light pink together to create the soft violet. Either way, it worked great with her light skin tone.

Use a Lip Pencil
For less vibrant pigment, use a lip pencil. The color will be just as pretty and you’ll have more control over how much product you apply.

Blot for a Matte Finish
Emma’s lip is matte, a sure way to make a color less striking. If you can’t find a matte lipstick, just blot after application for that stained finish.

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