News: Ellen Page Gets a Pixie; GOOP Offers Green Beauty

Rachel Krause

More bold brave models tomorrow… But dream of Ellen Page tonight

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Ellen Page has always sported various lengths of long locks, but as of this week she’s now the owner of one seriously short pixie. (We don’t know how Ellen feels about Lena Dunham being the one to debut her new chop over Instagram, but we can’t imagine she’d be upset.) [People]

What can’t Google do? The Internet corporation is now working on a nanoparticle pill that would be able to detect cancers, heart attacks, and other diseases before they’ve had a chance to become a problem. [The Guardian]

Gwyneth Paltrow is now offering beauty products available for purchase through GOOP. The catch? She’s curated a selection of clean, non-toxic, “green” products that you certainly can’t find in your average drugstore. [Beauty High]

We don’t know why anyone would ever deign to put nail polish remover on their cold sores, but as it happens, the “remedy” is just that—an old wives tale. [Allure]

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