Look We Love: Elle Fanning’s Whimsical Premiere Beauty

Rachel Krause
Elle Fanning

Photo: Getty Images

Elle Fanning‘s “Maleficent” costar Angelina Jolie said of her initial meeting with the 16-year-old actress who plays Princess Aurora, “It was like being attacked by a thousand cute, gorgeous bunnies.” We could see how that would be the case—right in line with her virtuous film character, Elle graced the first promotional event for ‘Maleficent’ today looking no less than ethereal.

She wore a halo of tiny pink and yellow flowers that complemented her pale yellow dress, pairing the statement accessory with pink eyeshadow and an otherwise fresh face.

Now this is a look very few people could pull off, but Elle doesn’t just pull it off: She sort of looks like she was born to wear it. This kind of cutesy look will probably be divisive, but hey, if anyone can wear a flower crown and pink eyeshadow and look totally believable, it’s Elle Fanning.

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