DIY “Do Rag Curl Set” Hairstyle

Ami Dia
Stacy Keibler (325x425)

Photo: © Jason Merritt/Images for Bethesda Softworks

Want a sexy, effortless hairstyle like Stacy Keibler’s? No need to head into the salon to get the gorgeous waves. Eli Mancha of –winner of the 2011 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) Hairstylist Of The Year award– was kind enough to share his secret “do rag curl set.” By swapping out the curling iron for this easy (and cheap!) DIY trick, you’ll end up with sexy, natural-looking waves.

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What you’ll need:

  • 7-10 basic wash clothes (cut in half, horizontally)
  • Triangle makeup sponges
  • 1-2 square nail buffing blocks (optional)
Do Rag Step 1 (400x300)

Photo: © Eli Mancha

Step 1: Hair should be about 80 to 90 percent dry before starting and have some sort of holding product in it. Mouse, gel, setting lotion, volumizer, hair spray, etc.

Step 2: Place two makeup sponges together creating a square(This will give the flat iron curl effect.) Wrap the sponge squares in the middle of your rag halves, making about 15-20 of them.

Do Rag Step 2 (400x300)

Photo: © Eli Mancha

Step 3: Taking a large section of hair (about 2-3 inches in diameter) start wrapping the hair at the root, dragging hair to the top of your section, to maximize volume.

Step 4: Continue wrapping the mid shaft and ends all the way around. Tie the ends of your rag to hold your set in place.

Do Rag Step 3 (400x300)

Photo: © Eli Mancha

Step 5: Tie the ends of your rag together to hold your set in place. If needed use a bobby pin to secure the ends or for more support with your rag.

Step 6: Completely wrap your head in rag sections, except for the crown and top front.

Step 8: If using a buffing block, use a full wash cloth to wrap around the block. Then, take the hair at the crown of your head and wrap it around the cloth-wrapped block in the same manner as steps 2 and 3. Repeat for the bang and fringe area. If you’re not using a buffing block use four makeup sponges in a whole cloth to increase the size of curl.

Do Rag final (400x300)

Photo: © Eli Mancha

Step 9: Once the whole head is complete, it’s best if you sleep on it overnight. Remove rags the next day, and enjoy your beautiful , long-lasting curls!

Try on Stacy Keibler’s hairstyles in the
Makeover Studio!

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