Hairstylist Guido Palau Tells Us Why Runway Hair Is So Wearable Right Now

Michelle Grossman


While we turn to the runway for some serious beauty inspiration, often we find that the trends that strut up and down the catwalk wouldn’t stand a chance in our every day lives. Sure, bleached brows and mohawks look cool during fashion shows, but if we recreated the style for day-to-day wear we’d look borderline crazy. And, when things aren’t funky during fashion week, they’re usually over-the-top fabulous. We gush over the stunning hair and makeup, wishing we had our own glamsquad, because let’s face it, that’s the only way getting the look would actually be attainable.

So, how amazing would it be if we could actually get the look ourselves? Well, according to Guido Palau, a hairstylist known as one of the leading trend setters in the fashion industry, now, we can.

“What’s fantastic about the runway now is the looks are super wearable,” Guido explained to us at a Redken trends event the other night. “There’s not this extreme fancy—even though I love to see extreme in fashion and that’s why I got into being a hairdresser—that isn’t the time at the moment. The time is this ease.”

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This ease that Guido refers to is the natural hair trend that’s been making waves on the runway as of late. While we’re used to seeing dramatic hairstyles, now is the time for toned-down tresses to shine.

“Subtlety can be really beautiful, and very rich, and very chic, and very kind of pulled together. To me, to see a woman in a beautiful dress with very simple hair at the moment feels very elegant. Maybe it’s a reaction to what we see on the red carpet, or the Housewives shows, that kind of world [is what] the designers want to react against and not see any of that on the runway. I feel that they’re reacting against this culture about ‘in your face’ because there’s a reason why there’s such simplicity on the runway and it was across the board.”

This simplicity on the runway is refreshing to see because it’s a more accurate representation of the every day woman, which is something that is rarely seen in fashion today. It’s a style for the people, by the people as Guido explained that “what we’re seeing on the runway is taken from the street and back to the runway and then taken back to the women.”

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For Guido, it’s all about creating a seemingly effortless look right now. The starting point is freshly-washed, visibly clean, air-dried, natural hair. Although he doesn’t leave the girls’ hair completely natural, his goal is to make it look that way.

“Obviously some girls have frizzy hair and I would have to smooth them a little bit. Some girls have very straight hair so I would have to use the curling iron a little bit. But, as soon as it looked like I used a curling iron, it felt wrong. It has to look so real to get the point across.”

While the style isn’t completely au naturel, it isn’t something that should be forced either. It’s about playing up what you already have, not completely transforming it, as Guido tells us “it still requires an idea, a thought, and a style. But, the styles aren’t so big and grand, they’re not in your face. It’s almost like a very cool back idea of beauty, almost like knowing an inner confidence.”

Although beauty trends are always changing, we’re all on board for following this one while it’s here.

“That’s the fun of fashion, that’s the fun of beauty – that it does keep changing and it does keep evolving, and that’s what keeps me excited by it. I never know whats going to come next, but at the moment we’re at this very simple place, so it’s great for women because they can create the runway looks. With the help of products and a little bit of information from us, they can be very current.”



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