Editors’ Picks: Brow Shapers

Shannon Farrell

Eye Brow Products

Wendy Rodewald, Senior Editor

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil ($32, sephora.com)
It took me this long to start filling in my brows regularly, and it’s been a revelation. Full, groomed brows have the magical ability to make the rest of your makeup look that much more amazing, but it was this pencil from Hourglass that convinced me to add an extra step to my everyday routine. The reason? It’s super easy to use, with a triangular shaped tip that lets you go precise or thick. Plus, its texture is the perfect hybrid of powder and wax, which looks so natural and sticks around all day, too.

Megan Segura, Associate Editor

The Anastasia Beauty Express Kit ($39.50, anastasia.net)
Every time I get my eyebrows shaped, I come out convinced I’ll be able to keep my arches looking neat and polished on my own. Then a few months pass, I get lazy, and eventually I have no idea if I’m over- or under-plucking. The Anastasia Beauty Express Kit comes with eyebrow stencils in a number of shapes and sizes, so you can find the stencil that best represents the brows you want. You then hold the stencil up to each brow and color it in with brow powder (included in the kit) to see what areas need to be plucked and which hairs should be left alone. The kit also comes with an angled brush, wax cream, and an eyeshadow duo, so you get the perfect look.

Shannon Farrell, Editorial Assistant

The Joey Healy Collection — Elite Sculpting Tweezer ($35, Joeyhealy.com)
It’s not easy to find a good tweezer. Although my brow hair is very light and thin, I like to tweeze the hairs when they’re super short, and with most tweezers, it’s not easy to grab them. Joey Healy, an eyebrow specialist (who just got a studio in Manhattan!) just added a tweezer to his amazing line of brow products, and because of its elongated, angled tips, it is able to grab each little hair. It may sound like a small feat, but anything that makes my beauty routine faster and easier is a plus in my book.

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