Beauty Recipe: Edgy Glam in the Summer Heat

Taylor Post
glam makeup


Summer doesn’t have to mean strictly soft pastels or bright neons for your face. Sometimes we crave a little black liner or plum lipstick on a summer night, and why not play around with that look? We’ve found the perfect edgy look that mixes your inner rocker with the need for minimum makeup in the summer heat. Heavy eyeliner balanced out with a nude lip and slicked back hair is a look that will keep you looking and feeling cool, even in the sweltering weather of August. Check out the tips below and find out everything you need to know on how to get this edgy look!

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Eyeliner: Get out your blackest of black eyeliner. For more of a sheen, go with a black gel or liquid liner. If you want to keep things matte, you can stick with pencil or a black shadow. Line the upper lash line from inner corner to outer corner. On the bottom of your eye, line from the outer corner in, going just past the tear duct at the inner corner to extend the line. To make sure it really holds in place all day, you can finish the look by going over the line with black eyeshadow and thin eyeliner brush.

Hair Gel: There’s no questioning that summer gives your hair nothing but frizz. Pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun and slick it back with a extra hold hair gel. This way it’s a win-win: You stay cool in the heat (and beat the frizz) and your eyes become the focal point of the look.

Nude Lipstick: This edgy look is about making your gorgeous eyes the center of attention, so instead of a bold lipstick, swap it out for a nude lip. Don’t fret, though. A nude lip doesn’t necessary mean no lipstick. Play around with pale pinks and peaches for a finishing touch that won’t take away from the rest of the look.

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