6 Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Aly Walansky
pretty ponytail


If you’re ever in the place of not wanting to worry about your hair, the ponytail is impressive for any event and hair type. Low with a twist, high with a vintage feel, or even “faking it ’til you make it” with an extra long double pony, you can quickly change a a classic everyday ponytail with a quick knot, braid, or twist. Ponytails are everywhere this season, from bone straight and sleek to messy and textured, there is a ponytail style for everyone. Here are 6 of our favorite easy ponytail hairstyles!

Go sleek
For a sleek ponytail, blow dry your hair with a ion blow dryer along with a large round brush or a paddle brush for longer hair, says Richard Marin, Remington celebrity hairstylist. Ions dry hair faster and make the hair shine. Run a flat iron over the ends to make the hair looked perfectly polished and ponytail away. Any placement looks great, from high on the crown to low at the neckline with a perfectly straight set.

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Go messy
For a messier look, spray strands with dry shampoo to give hair more texture and pull your pony high on the back of the head. Make sure to secure sides tight to the head and give ponytail added texture on top by running your fingers through the top of your head for slight volume at the crown giving pony a retro ’60s feel, says Marin.

Add bangs
Don’t have bangs? You can have them for the day! “For a completely different ponytail look, try some clip-in bangs. Adding a bang will totally transform your look and give your ponytail some extra flair without the long term commitment of cutting your hair. Shorter bangs will add more edge to your ponytail or a long side swept bang will give a softer, sexier look,” says Tabatha Coffey, a celebrity hairstylist and creator of LUXHAIR, which includes HOW™ Bangs ($24, beautybrands.com).

Sectioned twist pony
Celebrity stylist Josue Perez says this is a great look for someone looking for a simple, but unique look. The first step is to blow dry the hair, ensuring for a smooth finish. Pull into a sleek ponytail, taking a piece of hair to wrap around the tie to cover it. The next step is to curl the pieces of the pony tail using a styling iron, Perez uses the Rowenta Beauty Versa Style Iron ($159.99, Ulta.com) on his clients for soft waves. Once finished, divide the pony tail into two sections and twist together. Section the hair by evenly placing hair ties on the ponytail like shown above. For volume, gently tug on the sections to pull hair slightly out.

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Vintage pony
Gary Gemma of Gary Patrick Salon loves this retro take on the classic pony. Section out the front of your hair, diagonally down to the front of your ears. Back comb at the crown after using Oribe Dry Texturing Spray ($42, Oribe.com). Smooth and pull hair back into a high pony. Next, take front sections and wrap around the ponytail holder on both sides. Use bobby pins to help secure. Finally, curl the ponytail and spray with Oribe Superfine hair spray.

Princess pony
SalonCapri of Boston Senior Stylist Graziella Lembo suggests beginning by parting your hair down the center. Take a one inch section of hair over your ear and braid. Overlap over the top of your head and secure on the other side and nape of neck with bobby pin. Taking the back of hair (from the braid back) spray Kerastase Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo ($37, Kerastase-usa.com) to the crown of your head and tease hair. Brush back your hair using a teasing comb to smooth. Secure with elastic in a ponytail. Curl your ponytail and bangs with a 1 inch curing iron. Secure bangs back over braid and secure to ponytail. Taking a few pieces of hair from ponytail, loosely wrap up and secure with bobby pins around elastic.  Spray to finish.

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