Drink A Cocktail And Feel Prettier

Shannon Farrell
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Do you feel more confident after you’ve had a few drinks in you? Well, you’re not alone. A study in France found that not only do you feel prettier after consuming alcohol, but you feel prettier after “thinking” you’ve consumed alcohol, regardless of whether or not you actually have.

Look And Feel Like A Bombshell In Bed

According to the Daily Telegraph, the French study involved volunteers being placed into two groups without their knowledge. Half of them consumed alcoholic beverages, while the others consumed a non-alcoholic version. Those who believed they consumed alcohol, graded themselves as being more attractive than those who believed they did not consume alcohol.

So regardless of whether or not you drink a virgin cocktail or the real deal, you think you’re the shiz. It’s not the alcohol, it’s how we think the alcohol makes us look.

A beer after dinner is not what we’d call a real makeover, but if it boosts your confidence…well then that is the best makeover of all!

Do you feel prettier after you’ve had a few cocktails at happy hour?

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