Drew Barrymore On Being a “Drugstore Queen”


Drew Barrymore may just be the celebrity of all of our ’90s movie dreams – awkward teenage angst and all – but that’s what made us all fall in love even more when we were able to watch her settle down, get married, and start a family. Now, Barrymore has taken her 35 years of industry experience and launched a beauty line of her own, Flower, which will be sold in Walmart stores exclusively starting this month. While the line is huge (over 180 products, priced from around $4-$13) Barrymore put her own on-set experience and love of beauty to good use, and worked in the labs herself to develop each and every product. The hard work paid off, as typically you would find that drugstore products lack a bit (they only offer a few shades for each SKU, or specialize in one area). With Flower, you’ll find that there are even miniature offerings for products – which is basically unheard of in the drugstore industry – but something that Barrymore found essential.

Barrymore chatted with our celebrity editor, Spencer Cain, about her quirky beauty habits, her favorite products from the Walmart line, and her desire to bring luxury-quality products to the masses.

Do you have any quirky beauty routines? 

I definitely still love to wear my lipstick on my cheeks. I like to highlight the corner of my eyes with eyeshadow. I wash my face as often as I can in a day. It keeps my skin clear.

Do you use something specific?

No, I’m kind of a drugstore queen I have to admit. I like Witch Hazel wipes, and a gentle soap. It’s like a facial on the go. I like brushes and bobby pins, I don’t go to a lot of fancy stuff with hair and skin. I do love nice makeup and I do love mass makeup, and with this line I wanted to bring them together.

Are there any favorite products from the line? 

I’m that jerk that’s going to say, “Everything!” But I’ll pick something specific because whenever I hear that, I’m like, “Really? You love everything? That’s convenient!” I always wanted to do minis—and I’ve worked with a lot of companies and artists, and I was like, “Could we do a mini?!” A woman loves a miniature. Bags are getting smaller, makeup’s getting bigger. This is not working! We love to throw things in a bag for two weeks at a time and then switch it out, but for those two weeks you get stuck on whatever makeup’s in your bag. If you go to work and you have to go to a function that night, you have what you have in your purse. I like the idea that you can have a darker eye and a lighter eye, a darker lip and a lighter lip. The functionality of that is you have several different looks you can curate.

Lastly, how did the collaboration with Walmart come about?

I loved the women. They were sophisticated. They were smart, and they were good people. It was very much like my relationship with CoverGirl. I got to know them and trusted them. I knew that the vision was the same. I don’t know how to put my name with things. They wanted to build a brand and not a name completely in keeping with what I thought we could bring to a brand. We focused on formulas and labs. I fought for the best formulas, I wanted to design a campaign that I thought was happy. I don’t relate to cold scenarios. I feel it’s the best makeup you can wear, period!

Image via WWD

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