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Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy

  • No one, I repeat, no one wants to see you pop your bulbous pimples. More than anything else, watching a girl attack her white heads in front of the mirror is about as attractive as a troll.

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  • The fact that you could even have a mustache is too much for any boy to handle. Seeing you acknowledge it with a bit of Nair or wax strips would probably set him over the edge. 

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  • A few pluck or tweeze never really hurt anyone, but once you start reshaping your Frida Kahlo unibrow is when you have a problem. 

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  • Shaving your armpits is just another thing a boy would rather gauge his eyes out than witness. If you have an intense shave session planned, may I suggest you forgo the shower sex sesh?

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  • Not always a bad thing, unless you don't do it often. Avoid the embarrassment of cleaning out a huge wax buildup and clean your ears on your own time. 

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  • Clipping any type of nail is disgusting, clipping your toe nails in front of your boy is repulsive. Avoid getting a stray toe nail clipping left on his couch and save your clipping for your next pedicure appointment. 

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  • Flossing your teeth? Not so gross. Picking at your teeth? Pretty foul. If you feel a piece of spinach lodged in your tooth just excuse yourself for the bathroom before asking his help in pointing it out. 

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  • Many of us don't want to do this alone so why do this in front of your boyfriend? Save the scale when you are alone and can wallow in a pint of Ben & Jerry's without regret. 

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  • We all use them, but let the man pretend his girlfriend's boobs are naturally that big. Showing  him you use cutlets to alter your bra size is like telling a 5 year old Santa doesn't exist. 

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  • Mouth wash? Yes. Gargling? Most definitely no. The sound alone is enough to make someone gag add it the spitting and he mind as well be dating a baseball player.

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Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy

Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy

Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy
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When it comes to beauty we all have those little quirks we try to hide from the men in our lives.

“Why yes sweetie, my legs are naturally hairless, didn’t you know?”

I asked the StyleCaster team what beauty rituals they would never do in front of a man and the list proved long, humerous and quite disgusting (TMI, guys!). So, whether you’ve been with your boo for three months or three years, here’s a few things we would suggest never doing with them in the room…at least not until your married…and have a few rugrats that refuse to give you any privacy.

  • Denoragrey

    Gouge.  Not gauge.
    No editors on this site?

  • frankenbozo

    none of these things disgust me. 

  • Samantha M Gale

    Thanks for the reaffirmation of sexist double-standards.  And, by the way, I’ve never used fake boob inserts.  So no–we don’t “all” use them.  I agree that there should be privacy considerations, but my husband and I do almost all of this around each other.  We even help each other with some of these things, so I can’t believe they’re really the kiss of death that they’re made out to be.

    • Grace

      Agree about the double-standards and ‘cutlets’. None of my friends use them!

  • Mrmanofmanliness

    Yeah, none of this is a problem, really. Not for people in a strong, mature relationship. And I know my girlfriend doesn’t use cutlets, either.

  • Zink

    Seriously??  These things are nothing. In fact if my girl kept this stuff from me I would feel she’s being superficial and thats more unattractive then any of these things.  We have only one guideline… no crapping infront of each other.  Everything else is just part of sharing life.

    • Kaela Taylor

      LOL I agree too that and warning each other if that bathroom might stink if another rule we have.

  • Robert

    I was expecting items like taking a dump, farting, changing a tampon, etc.  However, the list was entertaining and focused more on vanity type issues.

  • womanist

    Wow.  You can give the ultimate gift of your intimate sexuality, but are not personally close enough to be real?  You can give the most personal affection, but don’t let him see you paint your toenails?  This is so backwards.  What next, you can’t blow your nose or brush your hair, well unless it’s sexy???  You have no relationship that is worthy of sexual intimacy then.

  • Ned Nifty

    There is one thing that women should never ever do in front of their man: Changing her sanitary napkins during her monthly period. And definitely do not leave the sanitary napkin floating in the toilet bowl nor do not toss it in the bathroom  or your bedroom trash can.

    • Nikki Wright

       Where should it go if not in the bathroom trash can?

  • Elizabeth

    Because we’re all so vain?  The thing is, if you can’t practice proper hygiene in front of your guy, then he’s not a guy, he’s a baby.  Sure, I’m not going to call him into the bathroom to have him watch me slowly shaving my underarms, but if he’s a real man it’s not a deal breaker. 

    I’m pretty sure my guy would rather I have minty fresh breath and silky smooth legs, and to have those things I must gargle and shave.

    This was really un-awesome.  Unless the point of this was to make a sexist point of certain ideals women should live up to.

  • Mememe

    The only thing I don’t do in front of my wife (unless she asks me to) is masturbate.  The only thing I don’t want to see her do is insert or remove a tampon or pad!

  • Shadowheart405

    Sooooo… how long until we start waking up before our partner does and doing our hair and make-up before slipping back into bed with him to wait for him to wake up so he won’t see us for the imperfect beings we are…. again?

    I knew that there’s a big push to go back to the 50s, but if a man can’t handle the fact that I’m an imperfect being that needs to groom too, then he can GTFO of my life.

  • mandi

    none of these things are bad….my husband does more than gross things in front of me. and i still love him!

  • Clydehenshaw

    did a 17 year old girl write this? do you think men aren’t aware of these activities? i fell in love with my girlfriend the night she ditched the sexy bra and panties and put on a pair of pjs. news flash. real is hot.

  • Babyjo18

    you’re = a contration representing the words you are made into one. Your = shows ownership.

    Examples: Not until YOU’RE married.
                     You’ve been with YOUR boo for three months.

    See how that works?


    • Babyjo18

       And yes I did see my own typos. Should have used quotation marks, missed a letter when typing “contraction.” But then, I don’t do this for a living and am somewhat excused from making mistakes. You made me read a stupid article about men in which you consulted no men, and then made a sentence in which you did not make sense.

    • Lc_moonshadow

      Also, it’s contraction. Need that ‘c’.

  • homebuilding

    My how squeamish do you believe men are?  Very few of the ‘no-noes’ here bother me.

    Now, filling the house with nail polish remover solvent is super nasty and probably not all that healthy for the person inhaling the fumes.

  • Adonis66

    As a man, this is insulting that you think we’d be so sad as to not be able to handle a little “landscaping”. If you have a BOY who is whining about this, I suggest you upgrade really quickly. Silly girl!

  • Ginnifar Tucker

    this might well be the lamest web page on the intertron

  • Zoezombie Hb

    This is total bullshit.

  • Guest

    I mean come on, really? Plucking your eyebrows and gargling? Retarded…I have never heard of any guy complain about this shit. In fact, my boyfriend offered to do my toenails!

  • Gre

    This is some jr. league shit. I’ve done much more horrible things in-front of my fiance and vice verca!

  • BD

    I find this very misogynistic.

  • Jaked

    As a guy, none of this true for me. I know my wife has to shave her pits, clip her toe nails, pluck her eyebrows. It’s not that gross, nor is that big of a deal. What kind of guys are you using to base this info off of? Because it sounds to me that these guys are pretty dillusional.

  • Saneperson

    Stupidest relationship advice I’ve ever read.  Congratulations on that.

  • Memo

    I am fine with all of those things.  Farting, not so much.

  • Althea

    Hard to believe this wasn’t written by a 12 year old boy. Any mature man, especially one who cohabits with his lady, would find this list ridiculous. Guess what, big secret for all the guys out there, women poop too. Get over it.

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