Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy

Amanda Elser
Draw the Line: 10 Things To Never Do In Front of a Guy
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When it comes to beauty we all have those little quirks we try to hide from the men in our lives.

“Why yes sweetie, my legs are naturally hairless, didn’t you know?”

I asked the StyleCaster team what beauty rituals they would never do in front of a man and the list proved long, humerous and quite disgusting (TMI, guys!). So, whether you’ve been with your boo for three months or three years, here’s a few things we would suggest never doing with them in the room…at least not until your married…and have a few rugrats that refuse to give you any privacy.

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No one, I repeat, no one wants to see you pop your bulbous pimples. More than anything else, watching a girl attack her white heads in front of the mirror is about as attractive as a troll.

The fact that you could even have a mustache is too much for any boy to handle. Seeing you acknowledge it with a bit of Nair or wax strips would probably set him over the edge. 

A few pluck or tweeze never really hurt anyone, but once you start reshaping your Frida Kahlo unibrow is when you have a problem. 

Shaving your armpits is just another thing a boy would rather gauge his eyes out than witness. If you have an intense shave session planned, may I suggest you forgo the shower sex sesh?

Not always a bad thing, unless you don't do it often. Avoid the embarrassment of cleaning out a huge wax buildup and clean your ears on your own time. 

Clipping any type of nail is disgusting, clipping your toe nails in front of your boy is repulsive. Avoid getting a stray toe nail clipping left on his couch and save your clipping for your next pedicure appointment. 

Flossing your teeth? Not so gross. Picking at your teeth? Pretty foul. If you feel a piece of spinach lodged in your tooth just excuse yourself for the bathroom before asking his help in pointing it out. 

Many of us don't want to do this alone so why do this in front of your boyfriend? Save the scale when you are alone and can wallow in a pint of Ben & Jerry's without regret. 

We all use them, but let the man pretend his girlfriend's boobs are naturally that big. Showing  him you use cutlets to alter your bra size is like telling a 5 year old Santa doesn't exist. 

Mouth wash? Yes. Gargling? Most definitely no. The sound alone is enough to make someone gag add it the spitting and he mind as well be dating a baseball player.

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