Dollar Store Beauty Adventures: Discover the Steals & Deals

Emma Sayles
Dollar Store Beauty Adventures: Discover the Steals & Deals
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Times have been tough and sometimes you just can’t justify spending 50 bucks on that new eye color palette no matter how to-die-for it is. That’s where the dollar store comes in. Why, you might ask? Well the dollar store has quickly been becoming the frugal beauty lover’s best friend. Whether you’re searching for your every day needs like brushes and tweezers or looking to try out a new beauty product that you’re not so sure about whether or not it’ll work for you (hello white eyeliner!), the dollar store can be your saving grace.

So today, I took a journey into the Mecca of dollar stores, called Jack’s 99 Cent Store. Three levels and packed with people, I didn’t know where to start first. There was a large wall filled with generic brand hair products. If you’re looking for 90’s style scrunchies, this is the place to go. Not my thing, so I ventured on to cosmetics. I couldn’t believe all the drugstore brand faves that were stocked, from CoverGirl to Physician’s Formula to Biore, there was something for anyone’s preference.

After I made my own purchases and made my way out onto a much slower paced sidewalk, I reflected. When you’re looking for beauty basics, 99 cent stores can really save you a lot of dough. Skip the hair washing products and the powder (most were broken) but products like hair spray and beauty tools are the perfect go-to items.

How nice to get back from shopping and my bank account is not worse for wear! Happy shopping!

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Jack's 99 Cent Store on 32nd Street between 6th & 7th Avenue in Manhattan.  

The hair accessories aisle: Mostly generic brands of brushes, scrunchies, and hair clips.  

Bath, body and cosmetics section. I found a large variety of shampoo, conditioner, bath products, and basic cosmetics.  

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 8 count. $7.99 at drugstores, $4.99 at the dollar store. Wow!

CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara is $6 in drugstores, $2.99 at the dollar store.  

Revlon Control Grip Tweezers are $5 in drugstores, $1.99 at the dollar store. 

Jack's had a vast array of Revlon ColorSilk Hair Dye in a variety of colors!  $2.99 at the dollarstore.

This was my own haul for the day!

I got a Value Size Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant ($3.99), Maybelline Highlight Liner in White ($1.99), Salley Hansen Base & Top Coat ($1.99), e.l.f. Smudge Eye Sponge ($0.99), and a travel sized Herbal Essences Hairspray ($0.99).

Talk about a good deal for a grand total of ten bucks plus tax!

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