Pamper Your Pooch With These Dog Beauty Products

Shannon Farrell
Pamper Your Pooch With These Dog Beauty Products
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If your dog likes to enjoy a day at the spa — er, groomer — she (or he) will love these beauty products formulated specifically for our furry friends to enjoy at home.

His & Hers Fragrances

Dog-friendly fragrances ($55 each, from Dog Fashion Spa are formulated to prevent the coat from drying, and they smell good, too. Fragrance for him has a masculine aroma with a blend of amber, musk, bergamot and lavender. Fragrance for her has a floral finish with a mix of jasmine, violet, lemon and musk. 

Nail Polish Pens

Painting a dog's nails with polish made for humans can be disastrous because they take at least 10 minutes to fully dry — and we know our doggies won't sit still for that long. Warren London's Pawdicure Polish Pens ($7.95, dry in under 40 seconds so you can swipe the pen and be done before she needs to take that necessary shake. 

Grooming Wipes 

Think of these more along the lines of a face wipe than a baby wipe (although it could be used on your pooch's bottom). Perfect for storing in your bag, you can brush off any dirt, odor or residue instantly. The Earthbath Grooming Wipes in Green Tea Leaf Fragrance ($4.99, has a blend of aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize and soothe the skin and coat as well.

Shine-Enhancing Oil

The benefits of oil have now been proven for dogs' coats as well. Petco Salmon Oil For Dogs ($11.99, is packed with Omega 3 and fatty acids that work to moisturize dry skin and give fur a healthy shine. Unlike our face oils, this one's ingested, working from the inside out. 

Specialty Shampoos

Just like we have specific shampoos for our hair needs — dry, oily, thin — our pooches need special care as well. Burt's Bees recently came out with a line for dogs that includes oatmeal shampoo ($12.99, for dry skin, calming to soothe sensitive skin, itch soothing, and even hypoallergenic shampoo formulated with shea butter. 

Dry Shampoo

We should have seen this one coming: dry shampoo for dogs. It's recommended your dog gets bathed once every four weeks to avoid drying out the skin, but most pooches start to smell funky way before then. Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder for Dogs and Puppies ($9.99, keeps the coat fresh, soft, and odor-free (it has a lavender rosemary scent!). With a little blending with the fingertips, you can eliminate any white residue.

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