Does K. Stew Deserve The Hate?

Megan Segura

sskstewandrpats Does K. Stew Deserve The Hate?

Will Ferrell went on Conan and shared his feelings about Kristen Stewart’s recent tryst with director Rupert Sanders. While the whole thing was obviously a joke and a bit of a dig at fans who feel like they’re the ones being betrayed, it had me wondering if all the attention given to this affair is deserved or not.

Ferrell jokingly calls Stewart a “trampire” in the video. What isn’t a joke is the fact that the Daily News put the same nickname on their newspaper’s front page. Page Six chose a slightly different, but no less offensive, moniker for the star: vamp tramp.

This media attention is, no doubt, embarrassing for Kristen and her family, but did she bring it upon herself? Forget the fact that she’s a movie star and that all of this gossip is done on a national scale. Do everyday people who cheat deserve the same shaming?

I actually find myself a little torn. While I really don’t understand the point of cheating, I feel bad for Pattinson. For every talk show and magazine cover that discusses the issue, he (the victim) has to endure the scrutiny just as much as Kristen.

What are your feelings on the topic?

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