Do Your Friends Make You Fat?

Shannon Farrell
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Peer pressure doesn’t stop in your teens, and it isn’t excluded to the much-talked-about alcohol and drugs. The older I get, the more I see how peer pressure also relates to food. Just now, my co-worker Caroline brought up eating lunch at Cosi, and I had to fight the urge to say yes, because I brought food from home. It’s moments like these I realize that friends trigger a large amount of my eating habits.

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A new study by Loyola College confirmed that a person’s circle of friends may influence his or her weight. Following a group of high school students, the professors found that students were more likely to gain weight if they had friends who were heavier than they were. Similarly, they were less likely to gain weight if their friends weighed less.

Although this isn’t at all surprising, I do find it kind of alarming. For the first time, we are told to judge a book by its cover. Choose your friends based on their weight. Maybe the bigger lesson should be to have self-control when it comes to what we eat.

Do you find that your friends influence your eating habits?

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