Do You Want To Smell Like Heidi Klum?

Kerry Pieri

Joining a long line of camera ready predecessors, Heidi Klum is getting her very own Coty fragrance, to be called Shine. Although she’s hardly just a model this chick has entered mogul land she is maybe the first model to get her own. Where’s Kate Moss’, where’s Erin Wasson’s? I’m feeling a severely under-served market here.

Heidi apparently has beauty in her DNA, telling WWD in September: My father worked as the marketing director for 4711, a cosmetics company in Germany, for 20 years. He would always bring home testers of lipsticks, eye shadows and perfumes. I absolutely loved it I started wearing makeup and experimenting with beauty products way too early.” Something tells me that the deal has more to do with that perfect little german nose and amazon bod rather than her beauty experience.

But the real question remains, do you want to smell like Heidi Klum? Well, you’ll be able to starting in September.

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