Do News Anchors Wear Too Much Makeup?

Wendy Rodewald
Fox News female anchors

Fox News Channel personalities Shannon Bream, Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle favor a glamorous look.

Why do women on Fox News wear more makeup than their cable TV peers? An article in this month’s Atlantic examining the signature “Fox glam” look presents a few theories. Maybe it’s because bright colors look better in HD, network management prefers it or the channel is pandering to conservative male viewers, the piece speculates.

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But the most intriguing idea? The network’s heavily embellished talking heads are a bid for female viewers, who make up the majority of cable news’ audience. “Women also like to look at pretty women,” the article’s author points out before offering this quote from one female viewer (a makeup artist herself):

“I have to say: I don’t really enjoy the news they broadcast, but I am entranced by Megyn Kelly’s holographic lip gloss,” Meli Pennington, the makeup artist, says. “I see it sparkling in high definition, and it’s really cool. Even though it’s strange, I’m entranced.”

Does a show’s hair and makeup department influence your channel surfing? Or do you find the idea of luring women viewers with lip gloss offensive?

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