Do Men Find Wrinkles Sexy?

Caroline Murray
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While the majority of us spend a lot of time fighting/preventing/dreading wrinkles, men might actually be appreciating them. Or so Sharon Stone says.

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The 54-year-old cougar actress– who is currently dating 27-year-old Argentinean model, Martin Mica– doesn’t think her sexuality has diminished with age and is convinced being older is an attractive quality to men.

“Sex and sexuality is not about whether your elbows or knees are wrinkled. A man turns to you and says, ‘I love the way you laugh.’ That’s what’s turning him,” Sharon said. “They love a line around the eye or your mouth because it tells them you’ve laughed, and you’re going to laugh, and be forgiving and embracing. Men want to know that you’re going to be forgiving and embracing.”

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Um, ok. Something about that sounds a little matronly, but we like the idea of embracing your wrinkles. Do you agree with Sharon, are wrinkles sexy? What does your man think?

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