DIY Pinterest Beauty: Are These Treatments Actually Safe?

DIY Pinterest Beauty: Are These Treatments Actually Safe?
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Scrolling through Pinterest, you’re likely to see a number of pins claiming miracle treatments for your hair, skin and teeth. Most of these treatments include natural ingredients like lemons, baking soda and vinegar, but you might want to think twice before whipping these concoctions together and incorporating them into your regular routine.

We spoke to three experts—a dermatologist, a hair stylist, and a dental expert with a Ph.D. in chemistry—to get a reality check on some of the beauty treatment pins we see again and again. All in all, they said that these magic solutions for shinier hair, clearer skin, and whiter teeth are totally bogus and could even be damaging. (Yikes!)

Check out the slideshow above before you trade your tried and true products for a “natural” remedy you spotted online.

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