• An apothecary jar is the cutest way to store your polishes and use them as a decoration at the same time. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Molly Rasmussen 

  • Spice racks just so happen to be conveniently perfect for nail polish bottle storage, plus they come in a variety of styles and designs. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Mrs. Skeels Deals

  • WIth a storage solution like this, you can paint the nail polish holder to coordinate with whichever wall you'll be hanging it on, or you can really make it stand out in a bright, contrasting color. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Liparazzi

  • For a cool 3D effect and to accommodate smaller spaces when storing polish, opt for a compact organizational piece like this one. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Bycelina

  • For a more polished look to nail polish organization, go with a cherry wood frame. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Startha

  • A rather simple approach to a collection that belongs to the girl that has every polish known to man, is this option. Added bonus: there's room for your nail care necessities on the larger bottom shelf. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Pointless Cafe

  • Using a picture frame to contain your polishes on the table is an adorable way to keep everything in one place. If you're feeling creative, use a few smaller frames in a cute arrangement to color categorize your lacquers. 

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Mr. Kate

  • If you're a nail girl on the go (and your friends are always asking you to come over and paint their nails), this portable nail polish storage bin is for you. 

    Source: This Pug Life

    Photo: This Pug Life

8 DIY Nail Polish Organizers For Your Growing Collection

8 DIY Nail Polish Organizers For Your Growing Collection

8 DIY Nail Polish Organizers For Your Growing Collection
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To put it lightly, too much is never enough when it comes to nail polish. Your collection can get overwhelming and organization has a tendency to fall by the wayside. From grabbing the nearest shoebox to figuring out how to categorize by color family, we’ve found plenty of solutions to your nail polish woes.

We’ve scoured Pinterest in hopes of finding different a slew of ways to organize and store your lacquers. Some materials you’ll have, and some you might need from the nearest home improvement store. One thing’s for sure though: You’ll come out of this with a clear head and some seriously efficient DIY storage tips.

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