DIY Hair Dye- A Salon in a Box?

Much to my surprise and delight this morning, informed me that I am not crazy to take drastic measures and dye my hair from a box out of sheer boredom, and well, empty pockets.

According to a recent market data consumer survey by Mintel, 15 percent of 1,000 women polled who were once regular salon costumers are now preferring to use DIY dye boxes.

A couple of companies have greatly benefited from this trend, such as Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up, with a 20 percent increase in sales over the last year alone. Professional salon brand products are also seeing an increase in sales as well,such as a rise in the sale of Frederic Fekkai’s Salon Color.

I’ve been considering dyeing my hair from a box for the last couple of days now, so, according to this survey I suppose I should take the plunge. What do you think?

  • nanna g.

    you can also do it (lighten your hair) with natural ingredients. it worked on me and i have DARK brown hair… i am allergic to harsh products on my skin, so i opted for the natural AND CHEAP way, which actually made my hair more shiny and softer!

    here you can see how: with before & after pic…

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