Dior Couture Takes Shimmery Eye Makeup To A Whole New Level

Rachel Adler
Dior Couture Takes Shimmery Eye Makeup To A Whole New Level
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The makeup at the Christian Dior Couture show did not disappoint yesterdayfrom bold jewel toned lids and bright orange-red lacquered lips to brilliant architectual strips of color above the brows. But, what we really fell in love with were the use of rhinestones and sequins on the eyelids to accentuate the shimmery shadow.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath and hairstylist Guido Palau teamed up to create the beauty looks for the show, using inspiration from famous architect Frank Gehry as well as French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank. Combining a nod to the eighties hair look of voluminous, blown-out hair with brightly topped geometric hats, the eye lids were either boldly hued or shimmery and metallic.

The shimmery sets varied as well (no need to make it easy on those makeup artists!) and featured a combination of rhinestones and sequins that were placed throughout the crease of the eye up into the brow and back towards the temple.

Which of the looks from the show was your favorite? And, do you like the daring style?

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