Dianna Agron Prefers Her Short Hairstyle

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Photo: © Credit: Michael Buckner/WireImage

Dianna Agron loves her shorter hair. The Glee actress chopped off her blonde locks in May, and while she is has already altered the hairstyle several times, she much prefers her new cropped look to her old long tresses. Agron said, “I’ve probably cut and trimmed it six times and it’s changing slightly every time but I love it. I’d been dying to cut my hair for so long.”

However, the 25-year-old star is unsure whether or not she will have to wear a wig when she reprises her ‘Glee’ role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray, since she doesn’t know what her bosses on the show think of her new look. She told People, “It’s up to ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy and where Quinn goes this year. It’s much more Dianna, but we will see.”

While Dianna worries her new hairstyle suits her more than her onscreen alter ego, she has previously claimed she and Quinn have a similar sense of style. She said, “She comes from a conservative family, but starts the show in a cheerleading outfit, which isn’t very conservative—it’s a bit flashy. But then she joins the Glee club, wears vintage dresses and is the good religious girl. So that’s kind of her style, and it’s funny because I love vintage clothing. A lot of the time I would come to set and people wouldn’t know if I was in wardrobe or wearing my own clothes!”

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