Diane Kruger’s Braid-Within-A-Braid Is the Coolest Style We’ve Ever Seen

Augusta Falletta
diane kruger braid

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Braids may have been around forever, but every now and again, hairstylists surprise us with a completely new twist on the plait. Diane Kruger, who has never been one to disappoint when it comes to hair on the red carpet, just showed off one of the coolest braided hairstyles we’ve ever seen, so we ran to her stylist for the details. The braid-within-a-braid, above, may look complicated, but luckily, her stylist Kylee Heath of The Wall Group gave us the details on her look at the premiere of “The Bridge.”

First, Kylee sprayed Leonor Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle from roots through ends and rough dried the hair, blowing it in all directions. Then, she created a part from the top of the left ear straight over the head, to the top of the right ear. Breaking the section into two, she created a center part and clipped away both sections. Starting at the back of the center part, she then created two partings creating a triangle section in the back.

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The leftover hair on either side of the triangle was also then clipped away, leaving only the triangle section unclipped. Doing an inside out French braid (basically a cornrow) on the triangle section, she then secured the hair at the base of the neck with a clear rubber band. Next, she took down the clipped away sections and teased the roots for volume. Lightly pulling the sections back, she created a loose French braid over the top of the triangle sectioned cornrow. The braiding continued until there was about two and a half inches left, where she secured the hair with a clear elastic and lightly loosened the braid before finishing with hairspray.

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