Dermatologist Frederic Brant Makes Everything Look Younger…Even His Packaging!

Rachel Siegel

From the man who promises to make you look ten years younger in ten minutes, we get the incredible skin care line, Dr. Brandt. Always one to seek new ways to improve, Brandt has given his 8 year old skin care line a rejuvenation with new packaging and two new skin care lines. As if the dermatologist to the star wasn’t amazing enough, WWD reports that he is lowering the price point of his products, making them more consumer accessible.

The fist of the two new lines we can look forward to, Blemishes No More, is an acne fighting team, made up of five products targeted at treating and reducing adult acne. Priced between $25 and $35, Dr. Brandt might be the only luxury beauty product creator keeping our recession-affected wallets in mind.

The second line, Time Arrest, includes five anti-aging products made specifically for the baby boomer looking to take on gravity and its tug-of-war with our skin. The Time Arrest products are a bit pricier than Blemish No More, with a range of $60 to $100, though still considerably less than going under the knife or other high-end anti-aging products.

At these prices, are you really going to ignore your adult acne or less than taught skin?

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