Dermaplaning: The Scary Beauty Treatment That Reveals Smoother Skin

Megan Segura

This scary looking scalpel will help you achieve flawless skin.

If you’re a fan of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” — go on, admit it, this is a safe place — then you might recall Caroline Manzo admitting that she shaves her entire face. During a reunion episode, she explained that she does it as a way of exfoliating her skin. It’s also been said that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did the same thing to keep skin looking youthful.

Now there’s a treatment called dermaplaning that uses a scalpel to remove the top layer of skin —and the dirt and oil that’s on it. While I understand that the idea behind it is similar to microdermabrasion —without the redness and irritation— I can’t help but get freaked out at the idea of a scalpel being used on the skin. How do they keep from taking too much skin off? What if the patient sneezes? Watch the video below to see the treatment in action.

What does make this treatment more beneficial than, say, a traditional peel is that it doesn’t use chemicals. But not everyone is an ideal candidate for dermaplaning. Like microdermabrasion, dermatologists don’t recommend it for broken out skin.

Would you try dermaplaning?

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