Derek Lam Showcases a Unique Liner Look For the “Working Woman”

Rachel Adler

Derek Lam Makeup Spring 2014

This New York Fashion Week we have seen plenty of looks that work both on and off the runway. From Alex Wang’s take on the beach wave to Louise Goldin’s matte brown lip, we’re not only getting some fun inspiration to tone down for real life, we’re actually getting everyday looks that we can wear right now. At Derek Lam’s Spring 2014 show, Tom Pecheux for Estee Lauder created three different looks for the models, basing them all off of the “very minimal” direction he was given by Lam. The first look was really a “no makeup look” that gives you the appearance of wearing no makeup (but we all know that these looks actually require just the right touch).

Pecheux used a a soon-to-be-launched gold cream shadow on the eyes (all across the lids) as a base, and applied a pink pigmented gloss to the lips, which he referred to as a true “lip color.” This first look was the “base” look, and was then built on from there to make the second and third looks. The second look used the same base, but had a fun spin on liner which Pecheux referred to as a “cube” shape. He said that it was “what women may do to go out at the end of the day – you work a lot and need a cocktail, and I wanted to create something where women can ‘build up.'” Pecheux then added that he was building up on what they already have (the gold cream shadow) and it’s as if you removed 2/3 of your eyeliner, but left the angle part that lifts the eye. He also noted that he used a lip brush to apply it to make it easier to blend for the right angle. For the third look, Pecheux simply added a line of navy along the lower lash line to intensify the look.

For the hair, Orlando Pita for Phyto and T3 created low, tousled ponytails using the T3 BodyWaver Iron. Pita created an “S” shaped wave using an “over/under” technique so that the wave of the hair would look natural. On the nails, Jin Soon wanted a nude nail that would match every single models’ skin tone, so she layered one coat of JINSoon Nostalgia under one coat of JINSoon Tulle to get the perfect opaque, simple nail that matched every girl.

Photo Courtesy of Estee Lauder

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