Department Store Makeup Consults Just Got Easier

Rachel Adler

Virtual makeover apps are nothing new — we’ve been seeing them online in various forms (and playing with them on our iPhones) for years now. But, Shiseido just took the virtual makeover one step further, bringing it to your local department store counter.

Their new Magic Mirror allows you to try on the makeup look that you desire, choosing exactly which shades and products you want before the consultant actually starts to apply any makeup. The camera at the top of the apparatus takes your photo (so it’s a current image) and you can figure out your shades before you find yourself looking like a clown. Or you can find that perfect shade of red lipstick before rubbing your lips raw.

Right now, the Shiseido Magic Mirror has been touring the UK, but we’re hoping it will arrive stateside so we can test it out on this side of the pond too.

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