Debra Messing Does The Twist

Megan McIntyre

I had the pleasure of working with my gorge gal Debra Messing for her appearance at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival dinner.

She wore an adorable, kind of retro white dress, so I decided to do a look that had a little bit of Chanel glamour mixed in with a little girl sophisticate. The end result was a volumized French Twist.

To create the look I used Hair Sheet Styling on wet hair and then blew out her hair with a medium round brush. I then divided her hair into two sections: the top of the head and then everything on the sides. I pulled the sides back into the twist, then backcombed the top section and pinned the ends into the twist in the back.

The most important thing for this hairstyle is the position of the twist. It needed to be higher, rather than lower, otherwise it would be too sleek and severe. When I twisted her hair back, I made sure that it was pulled at the center of head. This ensured that the fullness was at the top of the head, which helped elongate her face and gave her that chic little girl look.

I used bobby pins and hair pins to secure the style, added a simple and sophisticated headband to pull the look together and sprayed the whole thing with Beautiful Hold Hairspray to hold it in place.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.

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