DDF’s New Skin Evaluation System

Rachel Hayes

Courtesy of DDF

Can’t manage to make it to a dermatologist to get some expert skin advice? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 64 percent of women have never had a consultation with a dermatologist, while more than 93 percent of women wish they could.

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That’s the inspiration behind DDF’s new Skin Evaluation System, which launches this month exclusively at select Sephora stores. The clinical skincare brand has created a cool new high-tech iPhone app that a sales assistant can use to help a client receive a skin diagnosis comparable to that of a dermatologist’s. I got a chance to try out the new gadget, and was impressed with its accuracy.

First, the consultant launches the app which starts off by asking a series of questions that are pretty much what you’d see when you visit a dermatologist for the first time. Then, it asks you to hold the DermScope–a magnifying glass that’s fitted onto the lens of the iPhone–against various areas of your skin, like crows feet, cheek, and forehead, to take close-up photos.

It compares your images to benchmark photos that all dermatologists use to diagnose the severity (mild, moderate, sever) of different skin issues (wrinkles, redness, pore size, etc.). Then, it adds up all the data and recommends the best products.


Courtesy of DDF

“Because more than 78 percent of women only think about the visible effects of their skin concerns when making skincare decisions, their skin may not reach it’s full potential,” says Dr. Howard Sobel, MD, Dermatologist and DDF Founder. “This DDF Skin Evaluation System enables clients to see their skin at a microscopic level, providing a detailed assessment to better understand root causes,” he explains.

In fact, I went into the analysis thinking anti-aging was my biggest concern, but thanks to those blown up photos of my blotchy skin, I discovered that sensitivity is a bigger hurdle in achieving even, radiant skin. I received a protocol that addressed redness and inflammation first, so that my skin could tolerate more anti-aging ingredients. Now that’s something I wouldn’t have figured out on my own!

To find a list of Sephora stores offering DDF Skin Evaluation System assessments and events can be found at Facebook.com/DDFSkincare.

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