18 Ways to Wear Dark Lipstick This Fall

Shannon Farrell
18 Ways to Wear Dark Lipstick This Fall
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This season, go dark with your lipstick. Take a chance with plums and oxbloods or ease into the trend by deepening your favorite reds and pinks.

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Brighten your eyes with thick black eye liner and finish it off with a dark glossy red lip.

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When going with a blackish lipstick, head the rest of the face bare. Black liner optional.

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Matching your makeup to your clothes is usually a no-no, but this plum on plum is gorgeous.

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Medium to darker skin tones can pull off a brownish purple hue.

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Take purple from goth to funky by adding high shine and a light sparkle.

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Or make your purple hue metallic-like with a gold lip gloss on top.

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Brighten a black lipstick with neon pink glasses.

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Defined cat eyes, blunt bangs and a red lip. Alone, they're pretty. Together, they're perfection.

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Keep attention on the lips with soft copper eye shadow and natural-looking lashes.

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Make your dark red lip matte by blotting after each coat.

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Continue to wear your favorite summer fuchsia by layering it over a red lip liner to darken the shade.

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This dark plum needs only a few coats of mascara and a thin line of black liner on top.

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The key to dark lipstick — trace the lips perfectly.

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Doesn't dark red lipstick have this kind of retro feel to it?

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When pairing a glossy lip and glossy lids, keep the rest of the face matte.

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Turn a bun-and-glasses combo from librarian to classic chic with a bold velvety lip.

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The biggest beauty myth we've ever heard? That redheads can't wear red lipstick.

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Double the dark with a glossy oxblood lip and black nails.

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