Low-Maintenance Gym Hairstyles Better Than Your Go-To Ponytail

Victoria Moorhouse


Working out with your hair down and on your neck isn’t an ideal situation for most of us. Sweat (we know, gross) and free-flowing strands don’t combine to make the cutest of hairstyles. If you have especially long hair, taking a jog on the treadmill without enlisting the help of a hair tie or a headband is a recipe for a knotty, messy disaster. The go-to hairstyling solution is the ponytail—an easy ‘do that keeps the hair out of our eyes and is so simple that it can be done in less than a minute (a time-saving score). We’ll never bad mouth the ponytail, but we’re always open for beauty experimentation—in and out of the gym—so we decided to give you the scoop on a few low-maintenance hairstyles that will give that beloved go-to a break.

The Braided Bun
While the ponytail keeps hair back, the braid keeps your strands even more secure and free of tangles. Create a mid-height ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Braid that ponytail and secure it at the ends with another clear hair tie. Take this braid that you just created and twist it around the base of the ponytail. Pin it into place with bobby pins for a ballerina-like look. Hey, maybe it’s time to book a barre class.

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French Braid Pigtails
OK, bear with us. Pigtails might have been your go-to choice from the third grade, but they’re actually a really great style to wear when you won’t be doing a lot of jumpingthink weight training, boxing, or spinning—and you can even accessorize them with headbands. To get the look, create a middle part and section off your hair into two equal parts. French braid each section of hair and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure your braid is extremely tight so you don’t have fly-aways. If you don’t have the French braid skill down yet, stick to simple braids.

The Three-Tiered Ponytail
This upgrade really transforms the average ponytail. To get the look pull your hair into a regular, mid-height ponytail. Secure it with a clear hair tie. Secure another section of hair halfway down the ponytail with a clear hair tie. You should now have an extra long “tail.” Add another hair tie at the ends of your hair (where you would end a braid) to create the tiered effect. Depending on how long your hair is, you can make as many sections as you’d like.

The Coif—With Only Bobby Pins
Ideal for a Pilates or yoga class where you really want your hair out of your face (downward dog isn’t the most susceptible yoga position for free-falling strands, are we right?). Pull your hair into your hands at the nape of your neck (like you were going to secure a low ponytail). Holding the hair back with one hand, use the other to twist the ponytail. Take the twisted ponytail and wrap it around the base to create a basic chignon. Secure this with bobby pins. It’s simple. It’s chic. It’s gym-appropriate.

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The Fishtail Ponytail
Another way to add texture to your ponytail? Fishtail it! We love this look for windy days when you’re outside jogging. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Fishtail braid the ponytail portion of the hair and secure it at the end.

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