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10 Curly Hair Ponytails to Change Up Your Look

  • How could you go wrong with a big bouncy curl with a little bit of pastel color?

    Image via Pinterest; Source: The Makeup Blogger

  • Leaving pieces to frame the face and putting some volume in the crown is perfect for a soft curl at the bottom of this ponytail.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: We Heart It

  • If you're in need of a remedy for unruly bangs but want some curl in your ponytail too, braid it!  Wrap the braid around your elastic and your ready to go.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Twist Me Pretty

  • An unexpected detail is always what makes a curly ponytail the best it can be.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Long Hairstyles How To

  • Twists and fold your hair into itself for a waterfall effect and it will flow directly into the curl at the bottom.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: And Then There Was Deb

  • Combine volume, a twist and a braid all together for a statement making, curly ponytail.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Seaglass and Ribbons

  • If you're not into that much volume, it's okay.  Use bobby pins to poof up the front section of your hair for a little drama at the top and loose curls in the ponytail.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Lolobu

  • Voluminous, classic curls in long hair are perfect for a subdued ponytail.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Hairpedia Club

  • Great for a formal event, gorgeous "wave-like" styled hair twisted into curls is stunning.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Love It So Much

  • Try an adorable accessory with some loose curls and waves.

    Image via Pinterest; Source: Obaz

10 Curly Hair Ponytails to Change Up Your Look

10 Curly Hair Ponytails to Change Up Your Look

10 Curly Hair Ponytails to Change Up Your Look
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We know summer can get hot, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than to throw our hair up into a top knot, right?  Not always.  Sometimes it’s great to switch it up and try something new and fresh, and that’s why we’re loving a curled ponytail.

From twists to braids and everything in between, there are many ways to put your own spin on the curly ponytail and thats why we’ve assembled some inspiration.  What way will you style your curled ponytail for whats left of summer?

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