To Curl or Not to Curl

periscope expired To Curl or Not to Curl


I have to go straight from work to meet a boy that I’m dating tonight. This scenario always stresses me out.

-What can I wear to work that is office appropriate and sexy enough for a date?
-How do I keep my hair and make-up looking good all day long?

Luckily I work in a creative office so I can wear a cute dress, flats and a cardigan, and then put on heels for the date.  The make-up and hair dilemma is harder to answer. These days I don’t put on any make-up for work, maybe a little blush, and then I do my whole make-up routine in the office bathroom.  As for hair, I like to put hot rollers in before work and usually my hair still looks great by the end of the day.

Today was different. I put in hot rollers like usual, but by the time I got to work my hair was totally flat. I couldn’t believe it- all that work for nothing. I did a little research and the guilty culprit here is humidity. The moisture in the air gets absorbed by the hair shaft and gets weighed down. Good to know.

So until this heat wave ends I’m sticking with my hair straightener.

Farouk CHI Turbo flat iron .7″ $150,

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