How to Create the Perfect Wrap Curl

Rachel Adler

Curling Hair

When it comes to being a girl, there are certain things that we all learn – from what shades of lipstick work on our skin tone to how many hairstyles we can pull off in under five minutes. But, there are also those skills you pick up along the way that require a few tools (curling irons, straightening wands) and can quickly make you look just a bit more polished. Plus, any girl knows that once you have a great curling wand in your hand, you can make it do a host of different hairstyles – the trick is learning how to do them.

We were introduced to Blow, the New York Blow Dry Bar’s new dry texture spray the other night, called Textstyle, and while it made all of our added texture dreams come true (more volume, more texture but no dryness and no icky product build-up) we also learned some great, simple hair tricks. The main one was how to get perfect wrap curls, using a curling wand (and the texture spray) that would last you for days.

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Step 1: Section your hair into 2-inch sections. Wrap the hair around your curling wand for about 8-10 seconds wrapping from the thicker part of the barrel down to the tip.

Step 2: Continue around your entire head, letting the curls cool as you go. Then separate with your fingers and flip your head over. This is when you should apply a texturizing spray (like Textstyle) to help add volume and texture.

Bonus Tip: On 2nd-day wear with your curls, if you want to pull them off of your face (either half-up or up into a pontail) spray a bit of hairspray or even the texturizing spray onto a comb, and then brush against any flyaways.

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