Learn How You Can Draw On Your Nails With Markers Without Ruining Them

Amanda Elser

We love nail art. We also love nail wraps. So combining the two is basically a dream come true. Nail Fraud, a nail wrap line similar to other popular dried nail polish strips out there, offer blank nail wraps for easy doodling and designing. Have an idea for nail art that would be better translated with a marker verse a polish brush? Then this is the nail wrap for you.

Just draw your own design directly onto your nail, peel, apply and you’re ready to go! Better yet, Nail Fraud comes with 20 strips for double the fun. Similar to standard nail wraps, Nail Fraud has to be trimmed to size and applied to a dry, clean nail for maximum effect.

If you don’t want to doodle your own design, not to worry! Nail Fraud also offers an assortment of ready-to-go nail stickers for easy application and design.

Nail Fraud, $14, urbanoutfitters.com

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