This Beautiful Beauty Blogger Is the New Face of CoverGirl

This Beautiful Beauty Blogger Is the New Face of CoverGirl
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At one time, the beauty industry was a sea of the same look, over and over. There was very little diversity, and there certainly weren’t any men modeling mascara in magazines. All of that is changing—very slowly—and it has just been announced that Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia is the latest face of CoverGirl, fresh on the heels of welcoming fellow beauty blogger James Charles to the fold. When it comes to diversity, we’re definitely not there yet—but this is one step closer.

“I [grew] up being insecure about wearing the hijab, [and] I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale,” Afia told Refinery29. She added that she hopes her campaign “will show Muslim women that brands care about us as consumers and we’re important, especially hijabis.”

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Afia added that she signed on with CoverGirl “because I want there to be a time when my daughter grows up when she knows she can be anything she wants to be. It doesn’t matter what her beliefs are or what she looks like.” We want there to be a time when that happens too—and we hope it happens in the very near future.

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