Could You Be Fired For Wearing Too Much Makeup?

Caroline Murray

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As much as we scrutinize and admire the makeup celebs choose to wear, we always support a woman’s decision to wear the cosmetics she likes. Too much, too little, it’s totally up to her. We thought most people were onboard with that train of thought, until we read about a woman in the U.K. who got fired for packing on the liquid liner.

Get The Look: Emma Stone’s Daytime Cat Eye

Francine Siddaway, 28, was asked to leave her cleaning job at a hospital, recently, because she refused to tone down her heavy, Egyptian-like makeup. “Our dress code policy is designed to promote a professional appearance for all colleagues and to comply with health and safety legislation,” a hospital spokesperson told the Daily Mail. Although Francine signed a form agreeing to the dress code, she says she was interviewed wearing her regular makeup, and it wasn’t addressed at the time.

“I like Egyptian-look makeup. My makeup is my armor–it makes me feel confident,” she told the Daily Mail .

All this controversy about heavy makeup got us thinking, is there such a thing as too much makeup in the workplace? We love a good smoky eye and bold lip, but maybe not for all occasions. Although we’d love to wear our favorite looks at any time of day, there are certain standards most work environments expect women to adhere to. Here’s what we recommend for the workplace:

Beauty Rules That Are OK To Break

1. When getting ready for the day, choose a bold eye or a bold lip, not both.
2. Try to make your skin look natural, like Abigail Breslin’s, by avoiding orange face tanners and excess blush.
3. Use makeup to accentuate your features, not dominate them, like Christina Aguilera did when she wore too much mascara.
4. Skip any kind of cosmetics that you don’t know really well. You don’t want to be stuck with itchy skin, smudged lipstick or flaking mascara because you’re not comfortable in it.

Do you have any tips for keeping your makeup trendy and professional?

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