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101 Cool Girl Hairstyles to Try Immediately

101 Cool Girl Hairstyles to Try Immediately

101 Cool Girl Hairstyles to Try Immediately
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Whether you’re getting ready for a huge night out or you’re simply ready to shake things up from your usual hairstyle, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you going. We’ve been there, and considering how many times we’ve changed up our hairstyle (and cut and color), we’re tapped in to some awesome sources of hair inspiration. Namely, the runway. World renowned hairstylists design countless looks to send down the catwalk, so it only makes sense that the coolest styles would come from the best in the business.

From half-up hairstyles to braided updos and beachy waves, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to cool girl hairstyles. In fact, we found 101 of them, which means you can kiss boring hair days goodbye. Take a look at the hair ideas above, then tell us which you’ll be trying first (and second and third) in the comments below!

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