Connie Britton Is Ready to Make a Big Hair Change

Rachel Krause
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Whether she’s portraying fading country singer Rayna James on “Nashville” or beloved mom Tami Taylor on “Friday Night Lights,” Connie Britton is one TV and movie star not to be missed. We’re certainly not alone in waxing poetic (goddess! Icon! Queen!) about the talented actress’s enviable hair and perfect skin, which is probably why POND’S chose her as their celebrity ambassador.

But maybe we shouldn’t be getting too attached to Connie’s strawberry blonde locks as we know them—she told us that there’s one adventurous beauty look she’s been dying to try. “I’ve always wanted to have pink hair. If I could, I would love to,” she admitted. While it would be a big change, we do have to say that rose gold hair would look amazing on her.

Whether her hair is its natural color or dyed pink, there’s always one thing that Connie does to keep it in good shape: “I try to keep my hair very moisturized, especially in the summertime,” she said. “I like to use oils in my hair.” She also eschews daily washing. “Making sure that I don’t over-wash it is important, so that the natural oils can do that work themselves. It makes my hair shiny and easier to manage.”

While her character Rayna is a total Tennessee glamour girl, Connie keeps things a little more laid-back in real life. “[I] wear about a quarter… no, an eighth… no, a sixteenth of the amount of makeup Rayna does. I think that Rayna James is fabulous. She’s just a little more ‘done.’”

And Connie’s favorite POND’S product? She loves the towelettes. “They’re really, really amazing at cleansing my face, as opposed to just, like, a beauty wipe,” she gushed. “I feel like they’re really specifically made for what my skin needs, so it’s great for cleansing but then also toning and moisturizing, so it feels like it does all of that, and it’s a wipe and I can carry it with me, and I can use it on set, and I can use it whenever I need it.” So there you go: You know which face wipes we’ll be taking for a test drive next time we hit the drugstore. If they’re going to get our skin even just marginally closer to looking like Connie’s, we’re completely sold.

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