Community Trend Spotting: Middle Parts

Community Trend Spotting: Middle Parts
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Want to change up your hair without going for a dramatic cut or color? Change up the part instead. The middle part is trending this fall and was seen all over the Spring 2013 fashion shows. A deep side part has been an easy go-to for glamorous hair, but try this look that’s more urban girl and bohemian. Part tousled waves or long, straight strands in the middle for a look that’s chic, plus this style is great for framing the face.

We noticed the middle part is trending on our Community Page. See what others are posting so you can be inspired to try this hairstyle. If a straight part dead-on in the middle is too much for you, try one that’s slightly off-center, make it jagged, or add some ┬ábraids (like the braided hairband!) to mix it up.

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