Community Trend Spotting: Buns Galore

Danielle Pistono
Community Trend Spotting: Buns Galore
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Buns are one of the easiest and most flattering hairstyles. They are effortlessly chic and great for hot summer days. No matter what your face shape or hair length, any girl can pull off a bun no matter what time of day.

When the weather is scorching, try a loose high bun to keep you hair off of your neck. For a night out, a low tight bun can be sophisticated and won’t take a lot of time to achieve. Even if you have bangs you can pull off this style. On a day where you accidentally slept in too late you can just roll your hair up in a sock bun and head out the door. A great way to add detail to a simple sock bun is to have thin braids within your bun.

Searching through StyleCaster‘s community page, you will definitely notice that buns are a ‘loved’ style with our users. Click through the slideshow to see which bun styles caught our eye this week.

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This braided sock bun style is sure to leave an impression. Posted by Taylor Frazier.

We love a casual look, like this loose bun style, for a relaxing summer day. Posted by fashionablelittlethings.

While this may not be the most practical hairstyle, it is the most glamorous bun. Posted by jenonizzle

Ashley Greene pulls off the perfect laid-back bun style. Posted by fashionablelittlethings

Even with blunt fringe, you can pull off a high bun. Posted by SydneyScott

Amber Heard's shows off her effortless beauty with a relaxed, loose bun. Posted by ElizabethKozersky.

This chic bun is perfect for a night out. Posted by jenonizzle.

This sock bun is a perfect style for those mornings when you pressed snooze one to many times. Posted By Danielle Pistono

A floral headband is a great accessory for when your hair is in a bun. Posted by fashionablelittlethings.

This swirl bun looks fresh off the runway and can easily be recreated at home. Posted by Danielle Pistono

Try an upside-down french braid bun like this one to keep you cool on hot summer day. Posted by Clare Todhunter.

This simple messy bun paired with a headband could work for any occasion. Posted by Maya

With a high bun keeping your hair out of your face, your makeup will be the one doing the talking. Posted by fashionablelittlethings

This look is perfect for when you start transitioning into your fall style. Posted by fashionablelittlethings.

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